Author Guidelines

The editors of JETI (Jurnal Elektro dan Teknologi Informasi) are welcome article submission with following the guidelines, The purpose of this guide is to produce a paper that conforms to the rules for the paper for the Journal of Applied Science and Technology :

  1. Papers are prepared in softcopy (Microsoft Word) format with A4 paper size format. With format of Margin: top = 3 cm, bottom = 2.5 cm, outer side = 2.5 cm, inside = 2.5 cm. Indented paragraph size is 0.35 cm. Citation of the bibliography are made in IEEE style in sign [1, 2]. The manuscript is written in Microsoft Word, single space, Time New Roman 10 pt and maximum 9 pages.
  2. Articles have not been submitted, accepted or published for any publication, In addition to the manuscript, a written statement should be attached in Supplementary FIle (Step 4 in online submission) which clarifies that the article is original and does not contain any elements of plagiarism, therefore the editor will still do the plagiarism screening with Turnitin and be charge in accepting or declining regarding its result.
  3. Reference management is highly recommended to apply in the manuscript, and should be minimum 10 references are supposed to be primary resource, reference format is based on IEEE.

you can download the format here