Author Guidelines



  1. The article title is not more than twenty-five (25) words in English.
  2. Author's name with the address of an institution without an academic degree. Example: Muhtadi, Faculty of Law, University of Lampung, email:
  3. Abstracts are written in Indonesian and English, with a maximum of 150 (one hundred and fifty) words in 2 (two) paragraphs containing objectives, methods of research, research finding, and conclusions, accompanied by 3-5 keywords.
  4. The manuscript is written in A4 size, with as much paper as the left-right and top-bottom margins, respectively 4-3 and 3-3 cm.
  5. Article manuscripts consist of: Abstract, Introduction, Main Problem, Research Methods, Research Result and Discussion, Conclusion, and References.
  6. The Writing procedure is to use Arial Font, with the provisions of the Title Font Size 14 and Bold, Author Identity using Font size 10 and Italic, Abstract Line Spacing is 1 and Font Size 12. Article content uses font size 12 with Line Spacing 1.5.
  7. The Citation style used in Jurnal Meta-Yuridis is APA 6TH STLE where in Writing quotes using the Body Note style instead in the following format: (Sokarno, 2007), (Wiens, 2021), etc ...

Example : “….kebutuhan tanah yang cenderung meningkat menciptakan suatu konflik pertanahan (Wiens, 2021) Masuknya PT. Ledo Lestari yang dibekingi oleh para petinggi militer serta adanya Pemberian ijin oleh Bupati Bengkayang No. 13/IL-BPN/BKY/2004 tertanggal 20 Desember 2004 merusak penghidupan mereka. Kebijakan pemberian izin terhadap tanah adat jelas bertentangan dengan rasa adil yang harus diterima masyarakat karena legalitas yang dikeluarkan Pemda cenderung mengabaikan produk hukum di atasnya (Galang, 2022)..."


  1. Reference is written in accordance with the display order, which is as follows:


[1] Fakhrasi, Muhammad H. (2017). Implementation of Human Rights Theories in Indonesia (Case Study of Problematic Industrialization of Cement Factory in Rembang Regency). Jakarta: Jakarta Veterans National Development University, p. 12.


[1] Law no. 24 of 2003 on Judicial Powers

Journal Articles:

[1] Irwansyah. (2013). "The Footprint of Environmental Democracy in Law Number 32 Year 2009", Journal of Legal Studies, Amanna Gappa, Vol 9 (1).

[2] MD, Mahfud. (1999) "Pancasila as a Legal Reform Paradigm", Journal of Philosophy of Pancasila Vol 2 (1).


[1] Prijono Tjiptoherijanto. (2005). "Social Security for Workers in Indonesia",, Accessed January 10, 2005.


[1] Kompas. (2009). "Elegi Minah and Three Cocoa Pods on the Green Table ...", published on November 20, 2009.


  1. It is recommended for author(s) to use Journal Article as main Reference while avoiding internet (blog,Wikipedia,etc) as references and it is also recommended to use a citation program like Mendeley or Endnote.